IMG_1580For us, Ann and Gary, home is a Motor Home, not a house. We don’t own or rent a house, we live in our Motor Home and travel around. We usually move from a place about once every fortnight. This gives me at least a whole weekend to explore the area we are in as I am still working during the week.

No were not retired. I am lucky enough to be able to work anywhere in the world providing I have an internet connection as I work as an Internet Programmer.

Sasha & Ellie

Sasha & Ellie

We have two huskies with us, Ellie and Sasha, who love the live style and the travelling around to new and exciting places.

Whilst this site is not completely exclusive to our travels and contains work related technical stuff and advice as well as rants and other musings it is mostly Motor Home related. Have a look at the category list on the right near the bottom.

  •  The whole story. This is where you will find all the posting in chronological order right from “It was just a thought”
  • Map. An interactive map of the places we have visited.
  • Latest Post. Our most recent blog post
  • Captain’s Log. This is more of a ships log with the technical details of the day to day activity, position, weather, maintenance etc.