A pleasant surprise

The ankle is healing nicely and we are all set to move on this Thursday. Good thing too as we have spent 5 weeks here now and I think even the girls are getting fed up here, or it might just be that I have been unable to walk them myself for over 4 weeks.  Ann is doing the best she can but can’t do the speed and distance they are used to with me.

Yesterday morning when we woke a climbing tower had been erected in the field next to us and a bouncy castle was being set up followed by one of those giant inflatable slides  along with some small marquees. All this carefully scrutinised by me and my handy pair of binoculars I bought to watch wildlife, but never do.

Once Ann was up she took the dogs off for their walk and to go see what was going on over there. In no time at all she was back to hurry me over there as it turned out to be a charity dog show for the local dog rescue and the girls had been entered into the first event which was in one minute.

I hurriedly changed out of my onesie whist Ann rushed the girls back to stand in a ring and look pretty, it was for the prettiest girl dog.

When I eventually limped over there they were stood in the ring with all the other hopefuls whist the judge spent like forever going round each entrant. How on earth they expected to have all 9 or 10 categories judged by 2pm was a mystery to me if just the first one was taking this long.

It turned out the judge must have been a cat lover or was blind as the girls didn’t get placed at all yet alone first place where it was blatantly obvious they were the prettiest dogs there.

We hung around for the next one they had been entered for which was dog in best condition. I am proud to say they took joint 3rd, as the judge just couldn’t split them up, and were presented with a certificate and a rosette. We were also congratulated in knowing our stuff about the breed and how to properly care for them.


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