A somewhat wet disappointment

Well I have finally found a C&CC site that does not live up to the high standards we have been getting used to.  Don’t get me wrong its not a complete disaster just not as great as the others we have visited so far.

IMG_0145.CR2-001On arrival at Culzean Castle Camping and Caravanning Club Site we were booked in efficiently and shown to our pitch where, for the first time at a club site, we needed to use the levelling ramps. The surface was not great either, very old and tired looking, and a dirty surface at that. and was in desperate need of some maintenance.

The facilities block also looked in need of some freshening up although they did keep it relatively clean. The disabled room, which had to double up as a family room, also had a broken shower head but was still useable. The floor was very slippery which is not suitable for a disabled room at all.

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 16.34.11The reception had a few bits and pieces for sale such as sweets, ice cream, a few tinned items and milk but I didn’t see any bread in there. All this is not a great deal of use really as its only open for 1 hour in the morning and 1 in the afternoon in high season.

Its of no surprise to me that because the site is old and tired that the staff are not as happy and proud of it and so do not come across as friendly as we have encountered on other club sites.

They do have club site wifi that doesn’t cover the whole site and when you can get it, its horrendously slow. Don’t think you can use your mobile instead as thats a nightmare and is barely useable for voice and text and thats across all networks.

The site is just outside of National Trusts Culzean Castle grounds and NOT in it as the intro on the clubs detail page and to go into the grounds will cost you £15.50 unless your a National Trust member.

The bus stop is just outside the grounds and there is a regular service to Ayr which seems to be the closest big town of the area. Like the site, alas, Ayr is old a tired and I doubt it helped that, on the day we visited, it rained constantly making it feel very drab. The affects of the economic state is very prevalent there with many shops closed and boarded up.

On the plus side there is some nice walking through the surrounding forest although I never fell too sure if I was trespassing on private or National trust land as the signs we came across were not very clear as to which bit was private and which wasn’t. Since no one shouted at me or tried shooting me I guess I was either alright or simply just got away with it.

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