All planned and ready to go

I finally have got our route planned for the trip down to Spain for the winter.

IMG_1340Last year we planned up as far as the Tunnel and after that we just made it up as we went along and hoped we could get into any sites etc.  It went very well and was not turned away once. But that was with our Compass Rambler motorhome. Now we have a 11 meter RV there will be quite a few sites that just wont be able to take our size so best thought it was probably better to research and book.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 12.08.53Using several resources, mostly ACSI  I identified several sites and sent emails asking if they could take our length and have facility to handle our waste. I got some lovely replies and only one (the most expensive) required a deposit.

The journey will take us a total of 2,398 miles over the course of nearly 4 months where at our final stop we have booked in for 3 months which will take us to March next year where I suppose I will need to plan the trip back to our starting point for July when the MOT will be due again.

A rough calculation makes that a total cost of fuel at just over £1,000 which spread over 4 months will be £250 each month, but we will see.

Alas we can’t stay at Cabopino, where we wintered last year, as we would have liked to. Whilst they can take the size but do not have facilities to dump our waste.

So all in all I am pretty happy as have everything all planned and booked from now until March next year including a few rallies with the funsters between now and end of July when we start.


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