A revolutionary new App which allows diners to book a restaurant table directly from their iPad has been snapped up by Apple Business as part of their sales drive in the States.
VirtuaBook is an in-house and online reservation system for the dining industry that should the venue wish, will allow diners to book the time and date of their reservation and even select the table of their choice from a 3D layout of the restaurant.
Not only is it more sophisticated than other online reservation software but it is significantly less expensive – and set to take the hospitality trade by storm.
VirtuaBook’s Peter Blay said: “The App creates an easy-to-use, paperless booking system and replaces the need for a front-of-house diary. Customers have complete flexibility to book their preferred date and time – even their favourite table. The App automatically calculates table turnover times and shows the restaurant staff and potential customers when the table will next become available for booking.”
VirtuaBook is both quicker and more accurate than the traditional ‘phone and diary’ method of taking bookings. Reservations are logged immediately and there’s virtually no margin for error.
Although the App is most effective – and more portable – when used with the iPad, there is no need for expensive new equipment as restaurateurs can use their existing PCs.  A staff training facility both online, within the App and via telephone, provide reassuring support.
“Not only is it easy to use – but it’s affordable to a much wider market,” explained Blay.
With rivals charging up to three times the monthly fee of £35 and sometimes lengthy contracts, VirtuaBook’s  30-day free trial and ‘pay-as-you-go’ monthly fee – with no contract – is bound to prove popular to restaurants wanting to bring their businesses into the 21st century.   

Peter Blay said: “VirtuaBook can create over a dozen rooms or areas, each with a 3D representation of the layout. Helpful not only for staff to quickly visualise availability but also for potential customers who might want to choose a window seat, for example, or even an area with disabled access.
“You can manage all aspects of your restaurant, accounting for each days’ opening and closing times, or managing sessions with the break-time feature.”
One major benefit of adopting an online booking system is that it allows customer data to be collected for email or text-marketing campaigns, enabling relationships to be developed to augment customer loyalty. Reservations made online can also be confirmed by email to minimise potential no-shows or late arrivals.
VirtuaBook has been developed by Ashford-based Rogue Interactive Ltd., a digital media production company, which offers a wide range of multi-media solutions to some of the world’s biggest names.
The business division of Apple Inc., developers of the iPod, iPhone and iPad, contacted Rogue Interactive when they heard of the new App and are now using VirtuaBook as part of their sales drive for iPads to restaurants in California.
VirtuaBook, launched this month, is being trialed initially in London and the South East – although requests have already come in for variations tailored to restaurants in Germany and Mexico!
Peter Blay said: “This is a really exciting development. We are already looking at an upgrade which will facilitate at-table ordering, with menu choices being sent directly through to the chefs in the kitchen.”
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