Apple policing for good reason

The other day I was having quite a heated debate with Peter my business partner at Rogue over why Apple will not allow flash to run on the Iphone or Ipad. His main argument was that of financial control, forcing users to purchase through only their App Store.  

I believe thats just a convenient side issue for them and was more about ensuring great user experience for everything that is done on the mobile devices as flash can be very very processor intensive unless well written and Apple will not be able to control this.

I have came across another good reason as to why Apple like to keep such a tight reign on the Tech News World site where Trojans are appearing on Android phones.  It’s a bit of malware hidden within a app that allows a hacker to control the infected phone. Apparently it is being spread through pirated versions of legitimate Android apps, mainly games, and is distributed in third-party Android app stores in China.

Whilst I understand why Peter and many others are not happy about the restrictions of only being able to develop, sell and purchase apps through the Apple police I also see, and must admit agree, with Apple to protect us from viruses, trojans and unsavoury content.

So if you want your mobile device to run like windowzzzz pc, be infected with all sorts of nasty viruses, have 500,000 hackers all access your phone at the same time so you can’t watch porn and bang one out whilst on the train then choose an Andriod device

If you want to just get on with checking your emails, doing a bit of surfing the web or, God forbid, actually make a phone call then go for Apple.

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