Atheneum hotel a tweet above the rest

Whilst the Atheneum hotel in Waterford, Ireland is a very comfortable and friendly hotel and has been a pleasure to stay at. They go that extra mile in customer relations that sets a very high bar for others.

I am writing this blog in the bar of the very hotel while staying here quite simply because I have just been so pleasantly surprised by a simple tweet from the hotel to wish me a pleasant stay.

So why get all gooey and excited by this?  Simple they are doing the one thing I have been banging on to my clients about, use social media to communicate with your customers. 

Now here’s the thing I haven’t given them my twitter address so they had to do something in the way of research. Did I check in with some other social media site? Yes of course. Was it easy to find my twitter address from other social media accounts? Yes of course it is. Had I given them my email address? Yes.  For the privacy nutters NO THIS IS NOT AN INVASION OF PRIVACY it’s a hotel who cares enough about its clients to go that extra mile to care for them and to ensure their enjoyment.

In answer to those business owners who are questioning the value of social media. There are many benifits but in this case customer loyalty and repeat business. With one simple action the Atheneum hotel has ensured that on my next visit to Ireland I won’t even consider any other hotel to stay at. Oh and let’s not forget that the tweet and my reply has appeared on my twitter stream and on my Facebook timeline (because I have them linked) so kind of works as a public recommendation to all those who follow me.

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