Bariatric patients NOT welcome at Toby restaurants

Bariatric surgery is on the increase and Toby restaurants owned by Mitchells & Butlers are determined to discriminate against those who have had the surgery.

As those who have had bariatric surgery or know of people who have had it are well aware that it is no longer possible to eat full size portions and have to order a Childs portions when eating out. Something that Toby restaurants refuse to acknowledge or give any consideration to.

I visited the Toby restaurant in Crawley today with my wife who had had a full bariatric bypass 6 months ago. When we went to the carvery counter to get our meals my wife explained she was a bariatric patient and asked for a Childs portion. The chef refused and said she had to have an adults portion.

I requested the manager be called. When he was he shouted across the restaurant that he was too busy. After the chef insisted on his presence he stormed over and simply was not interested and insisted it was an adults meal or nothing.

Needless to say this was not a acceptable response to me so we left the restaurant without having eaten.

As we left I attempted to talk again to Jon Owen who is the manager. I felt he was very confrontational about the matter and clearly had no interest in any form of good customer service and I left feeling that they would rather not have people like us visit their restaurant.

If after reading this you agree with us that this is wrong and …….. should change their policy to discriminate against bariatric patents then please retweet and mark as like this post.

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