Best Practices in Writing Email Subject Lines

I read with interest today Mail Chimps support article on best practices in writing email subject lines

It focuses on writing subject lines for email campaign emails but what about those emails to friends, colleagues, customers and suppliers?

There are two things that annoy me and are most unhelpful. The first is where people send an email with a irrelevant or worse still no subject at all.

The second I think is even worse. That’s where they use an old email to reply with and don’t bother to change the subject line.

How on earth am I supposed to know wether I am supposed to read and action it now or leave it till later. But not only that when searching through my emails looking for it at some time in the future it’s made very difficult to find that email.

So when starting a email conversation do make sure you set the subject line to something that is relevant to what the email is about and if you use the reply as a convenient way of sending a new mail don’t forget changing the subject line is important.

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