I started my career in the mid 80’s as a self taught games programmer for the Sinclaire ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC home computers.

The late 80’s saw the move into a self employed consultancy roll and building a good base of clients where I recognised the impact the Internet was going to have on business and how we do things. I taught myself HTML and helped my clients get an early presence on the world wide web.

Throughout the 90’s I continued to develop my skills and stayed at the cutting edge of Internet technologies and processes. As the year 2000 approached and the threat of the ‘millennium bug’ approached I turned my attention to data specialisation and transferring old data formats and media over to modern PCs and computer systems.

From 2000 onwards I turned my attention back to the Internet and continued to build and develop my skills where in early 2005 I formed Rogue Interactive along with Peter Blay. Together we have driven Rogue Interactive forward always at the cutting edge of what the Internet is capable and building a large diverse client base from small one man businesses to large multi national corporates.

At end of 2013 Ann, my wife, and myself took the decision to do something very controversial and move out of the house we were renting and move into a motorhome so we can tour Europe and beyond.  The story of what happens begins here