Captain’s log

screen shot of logI was filling up with water today and was trying to work out when I last did that to get some idea of how quickly we get through a tank of water, and for that matter how quickly we fill the waste tanks.

What I needed was some way of recording these activities rather then relying on my memory, which to be honest is rubbish especially when it comes down to what day we did what.

I had a search on the interweb for maybe an app or something but there was nothing that was suitable for what I needed in the way I wanted it. They were either seriously lacking or well over complicated. What I needed was some form of cur down ships log.

To be honest I was not sure what I needed. So the best approach was to design my own solution that I can change over time as I find the various needs.

So this afternoon I created a subsection in my blog called the Captain’s log that I can update daily with a designed template of items to fill out. I wouldn’t have thought it won’t be very interesting reading to anyone else but will certainly server my purpose and since its on the interweb as least I can’t misplace it and it can be searched when I need to.

If you want to have a look you can click on the menu item Captain’s Log above or click here if you cant be bothered to scroll back up.

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