Careless with your data and bad attitude to boot

A few weeks ago I took advantage of an offer with Tesco club card rewards to take my wife for a meal at what looked like a very popular and quite posh restaurant near Horsham called The Alford Barn.

The restaurant was quite nice and pleasant but not as busy as I expected and the food was OK but not anything that special, I have had much better but also had much much worse.

As expected I have begun to receive promotional emails from them, fair enough, after all I did get a cheap meal in return for some personal data about myself.

The latest email I received was not addressed to just myself but also listed all the other people who the email went out to. I was extremely annoyed that they had passed on my name and email address onto lots of people I do not know and have no control over what they will do with this information.

I sent them quite a scathing email stating that I wish to be removed from their database and a recurrence of this incident will result in reporting them to the Data Protection Registrar and seek a injunction through the courts.

I very quickly received the following email back from them

No problem, will take you off database. Please don’t visit us again.

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Not only were they careless with my data but when when faced with a perfectly legitimate complaint they don’t apologise and state you are no longer welcome at their establishment.

Well The Alford Barn don’t fear we will never return and would advise others not to bother even trying you.

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