Catching up with old friends

This week finds us a Bagwell Farm and the first of 2 rallies organised by the members of the Motorhome Fun Forum.

The journey from Cheltenham was a little fraught as it is the first trip out on the new tyres that were inflated correctly and so the RV handled a little differently. We also failed to manage to top up the LPG at the planned service station as we were to big to take the car route (well we might have been OK but I didn’t like the look of it) and so ended up on the HGV side of the fuel station where only Diesel was available.

After thus we made several attempts to get LPG from other service stations and garages but none of them sold it. So consequently we ran out and had to finish our journey on petrol. I also now need to locate somewhere near before we head off again next Monday.

It’s great catching up with old friends we have not seen since last year at Norden Farm and we got to pitch up next to our very good friend Kath who we were pitched up next to last year at Norden.

Its a very well organised rally with lots of stuff to do (if you want to) and lots of opportunity to make new friends at the various get togethers. There was even a minibus organised to take those who wanted to go to Portland Bill and Weymouth.

There is a bus stop quite close to the site with a regular bus service taking you to Weymouth. I shall be trying this out for myself on Saturday.

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