Check your usage… Well I would if I could find it!

Some times I get so annoyed with big companies sending me emails saying I can find something or other on their web site and then spend the next 20 minutes wasting my time because either its just not there or so well hidden I don’t stand a chance.

I am a BT Broadband customer and so also a part of the BT Fon community/network. This is great as it gets me free access to the net through hundreds of thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots around the world by sharing a small portion of my home broadband with other members.

This morning I received an email from BT Fon in which it says I can check my usage by clicking on the link. I never really thought about usage levels with BT Fon and out of curiosity thought I would have a quick gander.

Having logged on and 20 irritated minutes later I am still none the wiser. I did find a link to purchase more Wi-Fi minutes if I run out but no way of knowing how many I start with, how many I have used or how many are left.

Ah I just thought maybe it only shows me this when I am logged on via BT Fon?????

Sod it I can’t be bothered now!

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