Its been a surprising week since releasing my book. Sales have been better than I expected. But the biggest surprise I got was the number of comments I have had saying how much people are enjoying the book.

The biggest surprise of all though was the day after release, just as I was popping out with the girls for a quick walk, I was approached by a lady who asks me if I am Gary. It turns out they had just arrived on the site and she was just reading my book and enjoying it.

I have never been one for believing in coincidences but I am seriously beginning to question my belief. With this and the many other things that have happened to me in the last couple years which writing this blog and the book has made me look back at.

I have also set up a Facebook page to promote the book and provide a place for readers that are not members of any of the forums I am on to feedback, ask questions etc.

I have made a start on the next book which will be much better than the first as now I know I am writing a book I can write a lot more notes and take more pictures as I go along. There is also lot more to tell with the new RV and we are already having quite an adventure. And that’s before we have even been anywhere much lol.


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