Coping with a stay in hospital

Having spent quite a lot of time visiting my wife in hospital a year or so ago I found myself wondering how I would cope with a hospital stay myself. After all the biggest issue I can see is having something to do. I am not really one to sit and read magazines and books for any extended time, I would much rather get on with some work.

I have only ever spent time in hospital myself once before many years ago following a road traffic collision and can’t really remember wether it was boring or not. I do remember of just wanting to get home so guess it must have been.

Well here I am, in hospital, having been taken in by ambulance in the early hours of the morning in massive amounts of pain in my chest area. As always in the first few hours of such a visit is spent having tests, seeing different doctors and generally feeling very very sorry for myself.

Having got the pain under control and finally being moved out of A & E onto a ward, had some visitors, being taken off for more tests and finding out the bloke in the next bed should be in the psychiatric ward comes the time that everyone else tells me is the boring bit.

Well with absolutely great thanks to my iPad, iPhone (tethered so I have the interweb) and a very comfortable bed with the back and knees raised, electronically of course, I am rather enjoying being able to settle down to working and writing this blog.

The only catch is that the wife is not here to give me a …………….. so I can settle down to sleep later. After all we blokes always sleep so much better after a little relief. Oh well just have to settle for ogling the pretty nurses (only kidding my darling).

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Location:East surrey hospital

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