Couldn’t wait any longer

Whilst I was pretty busy on a day to day basis with work I was still just outside the house, still in the same place I have been for the last 10 years but itching to get out on the road and start really using our Motor Home. It also occurred to me that I had no idea what is going to happen when we get to a site (wild camping would be no different to what I was doing now so that didn’t bother me).

So that was it, still wrong side of Christmas, a long time before we actually leave for good, well only a few weeks but it felt like a long time, the decision was made we gonna get away for a few days to a site not too far away but far enough to make it worth it.

So I book us a few nights Chertsey Camping and Caravanning Club Site. Ann gets enough stuff on board for us to do this, wanting to still keep stuff in the house as we need to get through Christmas yet.

Thanks to the marvel of the satnav we find the place no trouble at all and are given a very warm welcome and taken round to our pitch, well we are given a couple of choices and I chose the one that I think will have a good view when it gets light in the morning based on the what sounded like a river close by.  The EHU (Electric Hook Up) was easy enough to do and the pitch was nice and level so that was that concern dealt with.

Was very disappointed with the site wifi. Whist I could get a connection no problem it was so painfully slow that I thought an old 56k modem would be faster. Never mind of the 4 mobile sims I had all had good 3G and 4G signal so carrying on with work was no issue.

Over the next 2 days we did a little exploring and the girls enjoyed the walks along the banks of the Thames as did we.  One evening we went to one of the public houses just over the bridge and enjoyed a nice meal leaving the girls alone for the fist time in the MH. We had closed all the blinds and turned the power off as we left in the hope that if its dark they can’t see anything to destroy so won’t.  When we got back we were both very pleased with them and by the look of 4 bleary eyes looking at us I would say they just slept the whole time.  Brilliant I think this full timing thing might just work well.

After a couple of days we were due to go back home but I had downloaded and looking at a Motor Home Parking App called All Motorhome Parkings – Campercontact and had spotted a wild camping site between us and home. Just couldn’t resist had to go give it a try.

Google maps image of where the cafe Ockham Bites is in relation to the M25/A3 junction

Google maps image of where the cafe Ockham Bites is in relation to the M25/A3 junction

Well turned out to be a very interesting experience. The site is a forestry commission car park that has a cafe on it and seemed to be very popular with the local tradesmen and drivers.  Most of the site is not level at all but we did find a spot that was near enough.

Having walked the girls through the forest, discovered the TV reception was not very good, no wifi I could get onto, even with my booster, but I did have a good enough 3G signal, it was time to get the bed ready and settle down.

After a short while we started to realise its also very popular place after dark with “Doggers” and has lots of people hanging around in cars and flashing their lights at each other. Ann was quite worried about this but I just found it all amusing.

Ellie the oldest of the girls really proved to us at one point that we will be very safe where ever we go. Someone must have walked past the van a bit too close for her liking as she shot up and started growling in a way we have never seen before, she really meant business. This made me quite happy nothing is going to trouble us and promptly fell asleep. Ann on the other had didn’t sleep well and told me the following morning that the activities outside went on till nearly day break.

Having had a very nice breakfast and a cappuccino I got chatting just outside our van to the lad that works in the cafe who was busy picking up litter and other unsavoury used items. Turns out he is not paid to do this but does it in his break as he doesn’t want the place looking a mess and putting off visitors. It was really nice to find someone and particularly a young someone who is making an effort off his own back. He also told me they would like a lot more Motor Homes to visit as if they have enough regularly visiting it might just put a damper on the night time activities they suffer from.

To be fair none of the other users of this car park bothered us at all and as far as I could tell kept well away form us even though we were just about smack bang in the middle lol.

You can find this place here don’t be put off by the night people they really don’t bother you and its a lovely spot and worth a stop over.

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