Compass Rambler 180

Compass Rambler 180

The big day arrives and my daughter Amanda takes me down to the dealers to collect our new motor home. Before being allowed to drive it away I was given a full induction which covered off all I needed to know on how everything worked. After this while sorting out the paperwork and, oh yeah, paying for it, they prepared it for driving away which included giving me a full tank of fuel.

Its strange that whist I have driven so many different vehicles of all sizes this one seemed so much bigger and for the first time since passing my test I was actually a bit nervous as I pulled off the forecourt on to the busy main A road.

I had programmed my Sat Nav to not take me the easy long way home via the motorways but the shortest route going directly across country. As I settled into driving I realised that its not all that big and very easy to handle and I soon became very comfortable with it.

The next week proved to be a very enlightening experience. Because the insurance I had arranged for it was a “Full Timers” insurance I had to live in starting that day it even if it was parked outside the house we had been renting for the last 10 years.

The first night was excellent, the best I had slept in years, and I even overslept which is something I just don’t EVER do. So there was a big plus to start with.

The first morning I found out the importance of having spare fuses as I plugged in a phone charger with a dodgy wire, it turned out, it blew a fuse and I had no power to the 12 volt sockets and worse still the control panel didn’t display how much life I had in the batteries.

A few days later I worked out if I use the tank heaters that were installed to stop them from freezing overnight then they will completely drain my leisure batteries which led on to discovering that even if its a grey winters day the solar panels do their thing and soon at least had lights. The following night I worked out that even if it is zero degrees the insulation around the tanks will mean they still don’t freeze.

So I think its just a question on keeping an eye on the forecast and if the temperature is expected to drop well below zero then its ensure we are on a site with electric hook up, problem solved.

There is something oddly fun about waking in the morning to a freezing cold room, hopping out of bed and whacking the heating on and then diving back under the nice warm covers and wait for it all to warm up. Unless the urgency in my bladder insists sooner. Thank heavens it doesn’t take too long to at least take the chill off.

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