Disaster strikes AGAIN.

IMG_1562Following the tyre valve incident and the bridge nightmare we suffer again but this time its a double whammy.

We attended a rally organised through motorhomefun.com at Norden Farm and met the most amazing, friendly and helpful people you would ever wish to meet anywhere. Which was very fortunate for us as we really did need friends during the next 10 days.

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 14.06.17Norden Farm is a fantastic camp site situated close to Corfe Castle and is a fully working farm with several camping fields of various types many with electric hook ups. The mobile network is a bit on the shaky side offering only 1 or 2 bars on all the networks but does have 3g except for O2 where only 2g could be got. WiFi is excellent being provided by Club wifi and offers a range of timed packages and all seem to be unlimited bandwidth and plenty fast enough to stream your favourite TV show. The onsite shop is well stocked with just about everything you would need plus plenty of stuff to care for any horses and other animals you may have brought along. The shower and toilet facilities are very good and there is even a shower room for dogs. The site is surrounded by copious public footpaths through woodland and fields so the walking is brilliant. This is where the first of our incidents hit.

I was taking the girls out for their early morning walk along the Purbeck way and was on the return trip close to camp where I managed to turn my ankle badly, just how badly I would discover over the next few hours.

As always I was wearing a good pair of waling boots which helped support my ankle and was, after a few minutes, able to hobble back to base. Once I had the dogs sorted with water and tied up outside I removed my boots and settled down to get some emails answered.

IMG_1541A short while later I went to get up to finish making my cuppa and thought ouch that hurt and looked down at a foot I didn’t recognise. It had grown quite a large lump on the ankle. Now that can’t be good. I examined it closely, Ann examined it closely, Ann went and got someone else to examine it closely, a nurse examined it closely. Everyone except me didn’t think it was broken.

My foot was plunged into a bucket of freezing cold water despite my hollering and yelling and made to keep it there for half an hour (which was 29 minutes and 59 seconds longer than I though was good). We all went through the examinations again and was clear to all that it had swollen more.

I was manhandled into a car and taken to Poole hospital where I sat for the rest of the morning and well past lunchtime while I was seen by triage and the foot was x-rayed and was then told that they cannot see a break so must just be tendon damage. “Just tendon damage” do they have any idea how flipping much it hurts? They strapped it up with a bandage or two and sent me away.

I got my self a taxi back to the farm which was not close by, in fact £35 worth of not close by.

I would like to say the next few days of rest went by without incident and I recovered. But I can’t.  No I spent the following days and nights in very large amounts of pain, not sleeping for long at a time, and generally feeling very miserable for myself. To cheer myself up a little and to have some form of ability to get around the site and take part in, or at least watch, the activities being organised I hired a mobility scooter which two very kind ladies went to collect for me.

IMG_1549Sunday was Ann’s birthday and a mass barbecue was organised and she was over the moon to receive cards and a present form all our new friends who we had only just met and had been running around after her fool husband.

Come Tuesday morning I had resigned myself to the fact that I was not going to be walking or driving for a few weeks at least and certainly not by Thursday when I was supposed to be picking up my son Nathaniel from Bournemouth University. I spoke to my Ex and enlisted her help in getting him picked up. So we now need to talk to the site owner about staying on for god knows how long.

Ann then says that the van has sunk into the ground and squashed the electric cable with it. Errr no, its not sunk but we have a flat tyre, again, and yes its the valve AGAIN, not the same one I hasten to add but the one on the opposite side.

I did a google and found Mobile Tyres.net and got them to replace all 4 valves with steel ones to avoid this happening again.

Three weeks later and we are still here at Norden Farm. I bought a Cast Boot and it has helped a great deal and given me some mobility but still can’t walk more than a few yards. Poor Ann has had to do everything including emptying the Loo which I keep filling up as I can’t make it as far as the loos here.

Norden Farm have been very understanding about the situation and allowed us to stay where we are and if I am still unable to drive by the time the holiday season starts, where they are fully booked, will find us somewhere on site and move the van for us.

With my progress so far I doubt that will happen but still need more time to heal, at least I am now getting sleep at night without waking every 2 hours screaming in agony and able to bear some weight on the foot.

At the beginning of the week I had James, my step son, and his friend come down  from Cheltenham to camp here for a week, all expenses paid, to help Ann with the chores and to walk the girls who were getting very fed up at not being walked very far.

4 weeks in and we are still at Norden Farm. I have been able to move the van but only to turn it round 90 degrees to avoid having to keep taking the awning down because of the wind which always seems to blow in the same direction and very hard, probably due to the fact that the site sits in a valley which is perfect for channelling the wind. That and the number of mole hills around our wheels were reaching alarming proportions.

We have booked in for a further 2 weeks where I will have to be fully fit to drive as we have a UK/Scotland tour planned with my son Jacob during his summer holidays and I calculate we will be running out of LPG by then.

Despite the set back we are still loving the full timers lifestyle and I take the view that if we weren’t paying for a pitch here we would be paying for a pitch else where so not much different other than the view hasn’t changed in a while.

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