Do I get a choice?

Compass Rambler 180

Compass Rambler 180

This post was supposed to be titled “THE TRIAL”. The idea was to hire a Motorhome for a couple of weeks to see how it all worked and if there were any major issues. Mind you even if there were we were still committed to going ahead anyway but at least we would have been a little prepared.

It seems like fate, the cosmos, a higher entity, sprits or some other unseen force had other plans for me and wasn’t going to let me mess around and do trial runs and any other manor of things to delay the inevitable.

Sitting around chatting to one of our friends about our plans the bank rings me up out of the blue asking if I would like the £25,000 loan at a greatly reduced interest rate, in fact quite a stupidly low interest rate. After a short amount of spluttering, umming  and arring I reasoned why not give it a try chances are when it comes down to the actual checks they no doubt have to do there will be some sort of issue so agree to pop in that afternoon to sign the papers.

I arrived at the bank had a brief chat, signed the papers and in about 10 minutes had £25,000 in my bank account. No further checks, no nothing, they just gave me the money.

So now my plans changed a little and thought we could start seriously looking in January as soon as we have done the trial run, maybe even look during the trial as we travel up the country.

The following week I needed to visit a client down in Southampton and since I happened to know of a large Motorhome dealer (Dolphin Motorhomes) down there, from the extensive research I had been doing, I thought I would take the opportunity of being in the area to pop in for a peruse of motorhomes and try and get a bit of advice.

Having arrived at the dealers I went straight to the showroom office and chatted to a very helpful chap called Graham who listened carefully to what my plans were and made notes of the list of must haves on my motorhome. Almost all on my list were no problem at all with the exception of the French style bed and 6 belted seats, however he said, lets go and have a look around.

We looked at four or five different motorhomes but for one reason or another none were suitable but I was at least getting a very good idea of what was possible and whats not. He finally showed me one that was almost just right except the French style bed. but had 2 lounges a rear U shaped lounge as well as a lounge in the center which housed the 4 rear traveling seats facing each other with a choice of 2 tables between them.

I pointed out that having to make up the bed each night was a big issue and would drive me nuts in no time. But, he points out, that if there is only the 2 of you most of the time you can leave the bed in the rear made up all the time. Ah! good point. And if we have guests  staying it gives us the extra lounge space if needed by turning back into a lounge.

Now Ann really needs to see this I am thinking so give her a call using Apple’s Facetime as I wanted for her to have a quick look at it and decide if she wants to come down and see it.

Having made me show her just about every nook and cranny and asked Graham several questions which

he answered to her satisfaction she announces she doesn’t need to come all the way down there to see it as she has seen it now and is quite happy it will be just fine and its up to me.

Oh for crying out loud, it wasn’t supposed to go like that. So I clarify with Graham that all the extras I need can be fitted by them and how much extra it will be. This means the price of the motorhome plus the extras means I won’t need any further financing. I will have everything I need. Ann is happy with it. It has low milage. Damn I can’t find a reason not to proceed.

So that was it, I had been manipulated by whatever unseen force that has now clearly taken over my life into scrapping my plans for trails and loads more research into proceeding months earlier than planned. We would take delivery of our new home in 2 weeks time.

The next 2 weeks turns completely manic as we start to try and sell nearly everything we have and make trip after trip down the local amenity tip to throw everything else away. Not that the sale of our furniture was that simple as we didn’t want anyone actually taking anything until after Christmas as we had already made firm plans for family to come to us for the festive period.

In no time at all the house no longer looks like home as all the stuff not sellable has been thrown away.

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