Email campaigns must be mobile optimised

Whether you can track it or not, you can safely assume that a significant portion of emails are being read on mobile phones.

One in 10 consumers are triaging their primary personal email accounts on handheld devices, according to Forrester Research, and that percentage is poised for continued growth. For that reason, optimising emails for cross-platform performance should be at the top of your email design considerations —emails have to render well on a wide spectrum of mobile devices.

You also need to consider the pages any links in your email land on and that they will render on a mobile device as you want people to act on your email straight away as 2 seconds later they will have forgotten all about it and your opportunity to sell them that new funky nose picker will be lost.

I personally read all my personal and business email on my iPhone or iPad or through a browser on my iMac or any combination of these depending on what I want to do about the email and where and what I am doing at the time. So send me an email that won’t read well on my iPhone and that’s where I happen to pick it up first it’s very likely I will never see your email as I will probably delete it.

The mobile Internet is growing at a fast pace, probably faster than you realise, and if your emails don’t cater for this market your sent to opening ratio will drop.

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