Famous at last

I am constantly reminding my good lady to stop worrying about what other people think as with our nomadic lifestyle and the sheer size of Europe the chances of ever seeing anyone around us again is virtually nil.

We were sitting enjoying an intimate little gathering enjoying the entertainment put on by Camping Calpemar when we are approached by a lady who recognised us from Briarfields.

Ellie and Sasha

Ellie and Sasha

I would like to say that I am such a memorable chap but alas this is not so. It’s our two huskies, Ellie and Sasha, they have recognised. So any chance of hiding from past encounters are just never going happen.

It seems the girls are getting quite famous as we were also approached a few days ago by another couple who had again recognised them but not from a previous site but from my blog and Facebook activity.

I suppose that means I am now going to have to start behaving a little better than before BUT then again I have every intention of growing old very disgracefully and have fun to boot so if you do have the very misfortune of being in the same place as us at the same time SORRY nothing personal just having fun and your more than welcome to join us.



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