Finally were off & free

The big day finally arrives and we wave bye bye to the old house. Well I didn’t, just drove off without even giving it a final glance. At last we were officially full timers with no address, no bills, and no worries (well not as many as we had).

The original plan was to take my oldest son back to university at Bournemouth first then on to a site near by for our first stop. That was the plan and would have happened except for two major changes. 1. Nat was picked up by a friend before the new year so he could get back and drink vast quantities of alcohol with his mates at uni to celebrate the new year and 2. The site we were booked in rang to cancel our booking because they were flooded out.

No problem. I looked up where else we can stay near Bournemouth and found Black Lion Camping & Cvan Park.  (Mmm just looked that up for this blog and seems they don’t publish negative reviews).

We found the place no problem and were greeted by a very friendly owner who took me to look at the pitches. There were 5 to choose from (that was all of them, seems we will be the only ones there then) all with brand new electric hook ups which I am then told is charged per unit. I decide that we will take the first pitch which was close to a water tap. He also points out where the CDP and the toilets and showers are and the best place to walk the dogs. There was no chance of getting flooded there as the field has very good drainage and higher up than the surrounding fields etc.

All looked good so we paid our fees and got set up for the next 2 weeks. Having walked the dogs I thought I would check out the showers. Oh dear, not only were they not heated, not good in January, but they had obviously not been cleaned in quite a while. Reporting back Ann decided she would go down and clean them herself so she could have a shower. To say she was not happy when she got back was an understatement. It appeared the hot water only lasted a few minutes then turned stone cold. Just strip washes in the van for us for now on then. We do have a shower in the van but with only a 45 Litre tank it doesn’t go very far so its just easier to have a strip wash.

Bournemouth on the only sunny day in JanuarySaturday came round and I had arranged to go spend the day with Nat in Bournemouth and see some of the sites. It turned out to be a fantastic day out, it was dry and sunny all day and was the only day in January where it didn’t rain. An absolute bonus.

The web site says there is a laundrette close by but when we asked about it they were not sure where it was at all. I suspect there wasn’t at all. Again the mrs was not happy.

We decided that this was no good at all and with the cost of the electric it was working out more expensive to stay there than it was on a club site with all the facilities and heated at that. We told the owners we had to move on as I had a meeting in London on Monday and needed to move nearer. This was not entirely untrue just got the day wrong.

So on the Sunday, after being their for only 1 week we moved to the nearest site I could find close to where I needed to be Friday.


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