Floods and Aircraft

Having left Black Lion Camping & Cvan Park we had wanted to go to the Chertsey club site we first visited, mostly because this was very close to where my meeting was on Friday. I thought it very odd that when I tried to book online it kept coming back with no spaces available so thought best give a ring as there is no way they are full in the middle of January. The recorded message I heard answered that, no they weren’t full, they were closed due to flooding. Ah yes of course silly me I should have guessed being right next to the Thames.

More searching turned up a site in Lingfield, Surrey which is where I spend the first 18 years of my life. Gave them a ring and got booked in no trouble for the week.

I was a little concerned as we drove towards the site and had to navigate through a partially flooded road just before turning into the site itself. The drive to reception and on to the pitches was all uphill which felt a bit better, just had the worry about getting out on Friday.

The site itself Long Acres camping and caravan site was a vast improvement on the last one. Electric was included, the showers, whilst costing 50p for several minutes, were hot, the facilities were clean and tidy.

This is where we began to realise there are a lot more people that live in motor homes and caravans than you think. There were several people on the site which looked like they had been there a while. A couple of guys we spoke to were builders and move around the country where ever the work is.

Sasha trying some new sleeping positions

Sasha trying some new sleeping positions

The site is directly under the flight path for Gatwick and low aircraft go over every few minutes for portions of the day and night. This did not bother me in the slightest as I lived under it throughout my childhood and even after all this (very long) time I didn’t really notice them except when watching TV. Not because of the noise but it messed up the picture for a brief moment. Now that was annoying.

Thursday came and it poured down most of the day and all night. So come early Friday morning when we had to leave I was wondering if we were going to be flooded in. I took one of the girls for a walk down to the road to see if we were going to be able to get out.

Before we even got as far the the main road itself the bottom end of the drive was underwater where a stream that flowed under it, didn’t any more, it flowed over it. Not to be defeated I thought I best see how deep it was. I was well kitted out with waterproof trousers, boots and gaiters so I wasn’t about to get wet feet. The dog on the other hand, well, lets say she was slightly less than impressed about wading nearly up to her belly in cold water.  The road was still passible beyond the little flood so back we went to start packing up.

I have to say that is going to be the very last time ever I pack up in the dark, wet and cold. A truly unpleasant experience NEVER to be repeated.

Having got to my clients for my meeting they had cleared their small staff car park so that I could park my 7.2 meter beast in there, bless them.

That weekend was my weekend to have my 14 year old son, Jacob, for the weekend so after the meeting we drove back to Crawley to pick him up and then on a couple of miles to wild camp for the night at my daughters place.

Prince Albert Car Park

Prince Albert Car Park

Just before we started on our adventures we had popped up to our local pub The Prince Albert for a meal. Mostly because Ann had sold our cooker and we didn’t have anything to cook on in the house. Could have done it in the Motor Home but thought stuff it lets treat ourselves. Whilst there I had a chat to the landlord about stopping in his car overnight from time to time. He was very happy for us to do so anytime.

With this in mind on Saturday morning we parked up there and got settled in. A trip to the picture house was planned for the afternoon for me and Jacob whist Ann sat with the dogs.

We enjoyed an excellent sunday dinner in the pub. After we had finished the dogs were fetched from the van and brought into the pub with their food bowls so they could finish up what we all couldn’t eat.

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