Free electric

After a long day at Vanbitz yesterday and a fun drive back to Briarsfield in Cheltenham we are all happy and content using our brand spanking new 2KW inverter using the FREE power from our solar charged shiny new batteries.

OK yes we have electric hook up is included in the pitch price here at Briarsfield but I am at least feeling all warm and fuzzy at not adding to “global warming” and reducing my “carbon footprint”. Yeah right I just want to test this stuff out to prove my expectations in that we will no longer need hook up.

When I said fun drive back what I actually meant was when going through Taunton during rush hour we were taken up a road that the sat nav had not been told was closed at the other end and then had to reverse all the way back along the road and reverse out on to a busy road. Many many thanks to the nice HGV driver that stopped to let us out and help us to piss off a lot of people trying to get home as fast as they can.

Ah yes long day! This meant 7 hours long. No actually I am not complaining as I would rather they take their time and do the excellent and fine job they have done rather than rush it and do some half arsed job.

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