Hackers bypass apples touch ID.


The methods they have used have been used in spy and espionage films for decades. So hardly original guys and hardly hacking.  How many opportunistic thieves will have the ability or equipment to lift a finger print let alone manufacture a latex copy of it. A quicker and simpler method would be to remove the owners figure with some bolt cropers but then again this has been done in the films loads of times.

The media and these hackers are missing the point. Touch ID is about speed and convienence as well as security. You can quickly and easily get into your phone without having to type a pin in and not worry about your wife nosing around in your phone.

Also with the fact that you can no longer reset a iPhone running ios7 without the users Apple ID and password makes it much less attractive to be stolen. After all if you were in a pub and see two mobiles left unattended, one a apple 5s the other a samsung whatchamacallit, which one you going to grab and head for the door?  The one that’s difficult to get into and once in still can’t be reset and be sold on or the other one?

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