Heading southwards

IMG_0454Having spent a week at the most northerly point we are going, in fact the most northerly point I have ever been, we begin our travels southwards with a plan to reach the most southern point we can in Spain by the beginning of December, 15-16 weeks or there a-bouts. Seems plenty of time but we don’t intend to take the most direct route nor are we in a rush, so who knows. Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 13.03.48We stopped off for a week at Scone Camping and Caravanning Club Site which is a few miles outside Perth but not that easy to get to. The bus stop is a good couple of miles away or you can drive an extra couple of miles to a Park and Ride. Scone Palace (Pronounced SKOON and best done in a Scottish accent or it just doesn’t sound right) is just across a couple of fields and an easy walk. You go in to the grounds the back way and so avoid the ticket office at the front which means you can get away with walking round the extensive grounds for free, if your that way inclined. You will need to go purchase a ticket if you want to go look inside the palace itself. Scone has a mobile butchers van visit the site twice a week and not only sells local meat but pies, bread and other essentials as well. The lady was very nice to us and on her second visit of the week brought us some chicken carcasses for the dogs. Needless to say they didn’t last very long at all. Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 13.07.23Next stop was Lauder Camping and Caravanning Club Site in the Borders and is an hour or so bus ride from Edinburgh. The bus stop is just down the road and not far to walk at all however the bus only goes, and returns, once every two hours. It was really a little too far from Edinburgh really due to the travel time and the fact if you miss the last bus back it will probably be cheaper to buy a car than the cost of a Taxi.  Having said that though we did venture off to Edinburgh as I wanted to look round the castle. I was a little concerned that the Castle is in some kind of financial problems as of the two museums within the walls (there are more than two I just couldn’t be bothered with any more) I went into had the lights turned right down low. This made it difficult to see the exhibits in any detail.  When I pointed this out to my son Jacob he gave me one of those looks and said “They are low for effect not cause they can’t afford the electricity.” I have done such a lot of sightseeing since we began our travels and one thing I have began to realise is that I much prefer to do so when the weather is nice. It wasn’t a bad day really and we didn’t get rained on but it was very grey and cold. Because I have the luxury of time and not have to cram in what I can in two weeks of the year I am going to wait hold off in future for a better days for sightseeing from now on. We did enjoy watching the 1 o’clock gun being fired. The L118 Light Gun is fired every day of the week except on a Sunday and is a tradition since 1861 when a 18-pdr cannon was used. It was originally fired to provide ships in the Firth of Forth with an audible time signal to accompany the visual signal of the time-ball dropping at the top of the Nelson Monument. This helped shipping set the maritime clocks needed to navigate the globe. IMG_0495

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