Here we go again – New Years resolution time – what’s the blinking point

Now we finally got Christmas out the way and not bothered to go to the sales it’s time to think about celebrating the new year by getting seriously drunk, which we fail to do, and make promises to our selves we have no chance of keeping.

Oh come on let’s face it we will go to some party way to early and hang around waiting for midnight desperately trying to get drunk but can’t because we are trying to (how does that work). Popping outside every 10 minutes to get in as many smokes as possible before the dreaded midnight.

Finally someone whacks on the tv so we can all hear big ben chime in the new year and we all join arms sing old Auld Lang Syne, kiss a couple of very pretty girls on the lips and instantly shrivel up at our wires scathing stare.

Then all us, now, ex smokers just stand there cold sober despite having had 500 pints and ten thousand whiskey chasers just looking at each other gating for a smoke like we haven’t had one in hours waiting to see who cracks first so the rest of us don’t feel so bad at breaking our new years resolution in less than 5 minutes.

So this year I am not going to make such pointless resolutions, I am not going to get drunk, I am going to kiss some pretty girls and I am going to get one of those shrivelling stares from my wife.

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