How to choose a good password

Creating a good safe password that can be remembered is very simple if you just follow one of the simple processes below. They are much more secure than using your cats name or a easy to remember word or, god forbid, your name. All of which will take any wannabe amateur hacker just seconds to work out and steal your money, identity, house, wife and kids.

Formula 1

1. think of 2 unrelated words or maybe the first name of a favourite actor and the second name of another one. For our example here I am going to use “angelina barrymore”

2. Now the clever bit. After taking the space out between the names change some of the letters for numbers that look like the letter you are changing it for. For example the 4 looks like an A, the 1 looks like a I or L, the 9 looks like an g. You get the idea.

So now we have 4n9e11n484rrym0re

3. Now it’s always a good idea to capitalise at least one of the letters so let’s choose the 4th one because the first number is a 4

This gives us a password of 4n9e11n484Rrym0re

Formula 2

1. Firstly you will need a 4 digit number you can easily remember. The pin number for one of your cards is probably a good bet. 1234 or 9876 is NOT. I am going to use 2639 for this example.

2. Now think of a good phrase, saying or great line from your favourite film. For this example lets use “in all the joints in all the world you have to walk into this one”

3. Split your 4 digits into 2 “26 and 39″

4. Now take the first letter of each word in your phase. “iatjiatwyhtwito” and place it between the 2 sets of digits “26iatjiatwyhtwito39″

5. As in formula 1 we need to capitalise at least 1 letter, so let’s have the second one.

This give us 26iAtjiatwyhtwito39

In both these cases it may take a bit longer to type in than “bob” but at least your account and data are safe.

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