Human Chips

Having just read the news item on the BBC website Security under the skin It began to occur to me that this can be a very good thing not only for me but for the ones I love as well.

A chip placed in my arm will clearly identify me better than any other method and could be linked to my bank, health records and more. There won’t be any chance of mistaken identity or someone being able to pose as me to clear my account. If I am unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident they can contact my loved ones straight away whilst giving me the best care possible.

The advantages far out way the disadvantages, which are…… well….. I suppose if I wanted to do something illegal or if I just wanted to disappear for awhile because I did something I shouldn’t …… Actually now I think this through I can’t understand why every law abiding citizen wouldn’t want the whole population chipped, after all it means those with criminal intent will be caught quicker. It does make me wonder if these civil liberties campaigners are for the most part campaigners for the criminals among us. I have always said what about my civil right to be protected from such people…

I also took part in the online survey found on the same page and to my horror found that 65% of people said “no way” to having a chip. My guess is that the majority are being led by the civil liberties arguments which are always in the press ‘standing up for someone’s right or another’. Maybe we need a civil liberties liberties group to help bring some of the arguments back into some perspective, as I said before what about my civil liberty to be protected from some of the people they campaining for.

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