I’m going private courtesy of the NHS

Following my hospital admission back at the beginning of August Coping with a stay in hospital, where a 1 inch gall stone was found to have made its home in my gall bladder, I have been to see a consultant about having my gall bladder removed.

This was a few weeks ago and I was placed on the waiting list to have the operation as a day surgery. A couple of weeks ago I was called in to attend a Pre op assessment which all went well.

I have now been contacted by Ashted private hospital being told that I had been referred to them as the NHS waiting list is so long. I have an appointment next Tuesday, 5 days time, to see my new private consultant with a view to me having the operation next months.

So not only now do I get private care for my NI contribution but I get my non urgent op done in quite a short period of time.

So glad I didn’t buy private medical insurance…..

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