Is public transport a viable alternative

Picture of a bus stop

A bus stop

Last week I was left in a position of being without my car for several days and I began to wonder if public transport was a viable alternative to owning and running a car.  After all the government says we should use our cars a lot less and the Save the World tree hugging badger stroking brigade say we should all get rid of our cars. So I began to give it some thought and wondered if I could actually save money as well as single handedly saving all the worlds dolphins by not owning a car.

Saturday morning comes and my son leaves to catch the bus to the train station (he has no choice this time lol).  An hour later I get a call from him to ask for the number for a taxi as no busses have turned up and at this rate he’s going to miss his concert.

He rang me later to say he rang the bus company to find out what is going on and was told there were no busses running through our village today because of the carnival. This was preposterous as not only was the precession only going on for one hour of the day but the road closures were not any of the roads the bus takes. So not only did they just not bother to put any busses on they didn’t bother to tell anyone.

Later in the afternoon I was out walking the dog and passed one of the village bus stops to find a small group of people waiting patiently for a bus to arrive. Turns out some had been there over an hour (our village bus service runs every 30 mins).  I impart the information I have to them and watch them begrudgingly disperse, well except for one chap who looked like a tree hugger and was probably determined not to be beaten. I did also notice there was STILL no notice on the bus stop informing anyone.

So in answer to the government and the Save the World tree hugging badger stroking brigade to the question is public transport a viable alternative to owning a car F*** OFF I am going to buy a Range Rover.

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