Its only flat at the bottom

IMG_1256Yesterday we suffered our first problem with the Motor Home. I was on a Skype call, Ann was watching TV and Jacob was outside in the awning doing something, playing on his phone I think, when this very loud noise suddenly starts up quite close to us. Well it sounded quite close.

After a few moments of this Ann goes out to investigate and shouts back to me that we have a puncture in the tyre. “WHAT!!!” we have been sited for 5 days now and not moved how the hell can that be possible.  I abruptly drop my call “Sorry, problem, got to go” click.

On inspection of said tyre, which was indeed going down, it turned out not to be a puncture but even more bizarrely the valve had sprung a leek and air was escaping very noisily. Now was a good time to investigate the spare wheel and the jack I guess.

How you get the spare wheel off is a complete mystery to me as its far from obvious and on top of that the Jack is of the scissor variety supplied with the standard Boxer van and I am in no way brave enough to lift 3.5 tonne with it. I have seen first hand one of these jacks fail, not a pretty sight.

Fortunately my insurance comes with roadside assist in the UK and throughout Europe so I give the number a ring hoping that roadside assistance also means on a camp site assistance. Phew yes it does and someone from the RAC will be with me in approximately an hour. We busy ourselves taking down the awning and clearing all the stuff away from the side of the van so they have a clear working area.

In just over an hour Dave from the RAC turns up and is equally as baffled as me as to how a valve can just suddenly go. He says that rather than just change it and leave us to get it repaired somewhere he can get their mobile tyre service to come by in the morning to facilitate a repair on the wheel there and then.

Seeing as we are now on quite a lean and would make somewhat uncomfortable living he jacks it up and uses my ramps under now completely flat wheel to level it all back up for us. Really nice bloke that Dave.

We go about tiding up and getting everything stacked neatly up next to the van. No point putting the awning up to have to take it down again in the morning. No sooner than everything was all neat and tidy Dave from the RAC calls to say he is on his way back as the tyre man is close by and going to do the job for us now.

Right then lets get this stuff moved “again” away from the side of the van so he can work. Literally just has the last item is moved Dave turns up and starts taking the wheel off and no sooner that was done the mobile tyre unit turns up and replaces the valve, hands it back to Dave and drives off leaving him to put the wheel back on and do the paperwork.

So were now all back to normal and the excellent service of the RAC courtesy of our insurance policy has been tested to my satisfaction.

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