Le Shuttle all booked

logo-eurotunnelI got our booking made for the Euro tunnel done today but not without completely cocking it all up.

I wanted to use some of the Tesco vouchers I had accumulated to pay for the tickets and was going to give Euro tunnel a call to find out the price before ordering the vouchers.

Instead of calling them I thought I would just get a price from the website instead. Bad idea. Having input all my details etc I ended up with a price of £230 something. Armed with this information I ordered my vouchers from Tesco and within a few minutes had the email with the codes on.

I rang Euro Tunnel and gave them the voucher code and details of travel when I was told by a very nice French chap I had way more than I needed on the voucher. The price was now £109 and if I use that voucher it will use the whole amount. He tried to look at sorting out a return but since I have no intention of returning till mid next year this wasn’t possible.

So I rang Tesco and even though there was a receded message at the start of the call saying that vouchers are non refundable the very helpful lady on the phone refunded my vouchers and sorted out a new one for the correct amount.

Back on to Euro Tunnel and got booked OK.  Phew that was supposed to be easy and would have been if I he’d just stuck to my original plan of CALLING them first.

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