Legalise prostitution – it makes sense

The police chiefs are calling to have the prostitution laws reviewed and frankly I agree with them, in fact I think we should make prostitution legal.

Yes I know it’s immoral and can wreck marriages and destroy society to the point that we will all end up back in caves drooling except the prostitutes who live in big glittering palaces because they have taken all the men in the worlds money.

And no I don’t want it legalised because I want to go to bed for 5 minutes with some girl who is pretending to actually like me. I have only known 3 women who did and 2 of them got bored with me eventually.

So why should we make it legal?

1. It will make it safer for the girls, at least they will be able to work out of a place that has some protection for them.

2. It will damage the human trafficking business.

3. The girls income will be taxable and make more money for our cash strapped government.

4. The inland revenue could make it vatable and make even more money for the government.

5. It will be regulated and so ensure the girls are tested for STD’s on a regular basis so make it safer for everyone.

6. It will damage the arms dealers and terrorists businesses who use illegal prostitution to fund their activities.

7. And most importantly of all when we tell our other halts we are off on a jolly to Amsterdam to get drunk and smoke those funny cigarettes they just might actually believe us.

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