Loving the Awning room but…….

Were back at Brairfields for the next couple of weeks as nice and convenient for visiting the kids and grandkids and we like the place and the lovely couple that own it.

1982147_10152141863558107_6930268242439872761_nThe new Awning room was put up in quick time and were very pleased with it giving us so much more room and the girls can spend pretty much as much time as they like out there rather than being all cooped up inside if its raining.

However theres a catch which occurred to me early this morning.  If were sited on a pitch out of reach of a tap to keep the fresh water tank topped up were going to have to take it all down every few days just to do a service. Damn! Thats going to be a serious pain in the whatsit.

IMG_1237So I decided to get online and source a 12 volt submersible pump which I managed to do from Amazon, as well as some plastic tubing, a lighter socket and a Hella plug to standard lighter converter.  It turns out the very convenient 12 volt outlet close to the water inlet the nice salesman pointed out to me is not a standard lighter socket but some foreign jobby that is apparently called a Hella plug/socket thing.

So anyway got it all in the shopping cart and selected for 1-2 days delivery (I wanted to make sure it arrived before we moved on) I completed the process and paid for it.  Its at this point I find out that only 1 of the items will arrive in 1-2 days the other bits will take 5 to 7 days. What is the point of that? Quickly changed the item on quick delivery as I am not going to pay extra for something I still can’t use. Never mind were right by a tap here so no real rush anyway, just me getting all excited and wanting to play with it.

My step son James asked if there were anything we need done while we are here so I asked him if he wanted to fit a one way breather to the water tank overflow pipe so we don’t lose half a flaming tank of water every time we move.  He did a little more research into this than I had and worked out the best approach is to attach a hose from the overflow out to the side of the van with a tap that can be shut off for traveling and opened again for filling and when parked up as it may act as a breather for the tank/pump.

Being on a roll for solving problems I had another thought over the issue of my Mac Book Pro refusing to charge off the habitation batteries and tried the 12v socket in the rear lounge which has the tele permanently plugged into it.  The missus was out getting herself a new hair do so I was safe to unplug the TV without any sharp pains just behind the ear. Ah ha good news it only flipping works. So problem solved. Except that I now have the problem of what happens when I need to use the socket with the TV plugged in. I just have to hope if I get a double socket it will still charge the Mac Book.

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