Mobile web, does it matter that much?

In the first quarter of this year the percentage of visitors to sites via mobile devices doubled and the mobile share is now 25%. Even if this rate slows a little it won’t be long before mobile usage exceeds that of fixed lines.

In addition to this enterprise usage is growing rapidly as well. With more companies realising the benefits of being able to do simple task like checking mail and researching whilst on the move. However it’s becoming more than this as more complex tasks are also being performed more on mobile devices, like creating and marking up documents as well as sharing content and publishing. Even this blog is being written on a iPad outside on a rare sunny day rather than sitting at my desk.

I would say these trends are set to continue and I am not short of reasons as to why. From a business point of view it’s great not to be tied to a desk, I don’t have to stay late waiting for the vitally important email that must be responded to tonight. If I need information quickly I can instantly look it up whether in front of a client or on the way.

From a personal point of view I can order my wife flowers, check what my teenage son is up to on Facebook, and research my next holiday all while traveling on the train or bus or down the local pub at lunch time.

These are only few of the reasons I can quickly reel off, in fact I could bang on for hours. So I would say, yes it matters, a lot. Mobile will continue to grow at a high rate as more and more people realise the same.

We at Rogue Interactive have been working with our clients to make sure their sites work perfectly on mobile devices and their e-commerce offering is also m-commerce. This means more than just making sure their site loads on a mobile device but make sure it gives the user a good experience. After all if its not simple and intuitive to use their competitors are, and guess what, that’s where they will go.

Take a moment right now to grab your smart phone and look at your site. Does it look as good as or is as easy to navigate? Is it as easy to buy your products as

For more information on the mobile web and what you can do please contact me at, you’ll get a quick response, after all my email is always with me on my mobile device :-)

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