After a couple of enjoyable days at Loupian a storm sweeps across southern France and after 2 days of rain we are left on site which is coated in mud. Everything at ground level is coated in a thin layer mud especially the mats we use in the awning. To be fair it did rain very heavily and I read a few days later that more than 4,000 people across the  region spent the night in emergency centres.

Oh yes and I broke the bed. Yep the fat boy trying to climb over the missus in the early hours of the morning to go to the loo finally found a weak spot and it gave way. 

In a desperate attempt not to do any further damage I let my legs go from underneath me and crashed to the floor, just where one of the dogs usually sleep. Thank heavens the little madam had managed to sneak up onto the bed and wasn’t there otherwise I would have broke her too.

Enough is enough and time to move on earlier than planned. Yes I know neither of those events warrant moving on but hey any excuse. So we got everything cleaned up, well Ann did anyway and I sat pondering on how best to fix the bed. It was just a case of refitting the broken runner and four screws should do the job and make it stronger as well.

I made the decision to stay in France for one more week and a bit before we crossed into our new country of residence for this winter and turned out to be quite a good idea.

The view from where I sit to work

The view from where I sit to work

Les Criques de Porteils is a 5 star site situated between Argeles-sur-Mer and Collioure right on the coast above some cliffs which have three sets of privately accessed steps down to three small coves with shingle beaches.

On arrival I was shown around by one of the staff, all of which speak english as well as other languages, to choose my pitch.  We quickly found the perfect pitch giving us a view over the Mediterranean sea one way and a view of the Alberes mountains the other.

IMG_0641The site is very clean and well run with a shop and restaurant on site has well as a heated swimming pool. There is plenty of fantastic walking in the area with stunning views to enjoy under the Mediterranean sun. For dog owners this is a dog friendly site and they even supply poo bags free of charge to encourage you to clear up behind your dog.

We could have moved on into Spain this weekend but we like the site that much we are going to stay on till next week end. I have to admit sitting working with a view out over the Mediterranean sea is just hard to beat.


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