Muslims – too far this time

I have just read about the protest held by Muslims yesterday during the minutes silence where we honour our British heros and frankly to say I am appalled and sick to my stomach would be a gross understatement.

It is bad enough these people want to hurt and kill us ‘in the name of religion, but to then disrespect us and our babe fallen heros in this way is going way to far and I feel is nothing to do with a religious fight but very very personal to every British citizen.

I would call upon the government to round up every Muslim in the country and deport them but I know this will never happen.

So what can we do to show them how we feel as a people? Take up arms and raise to the ground their mosques? No as that would make us no better than they are.

I for one would prefer something far more peaceful but more powerful. No longer trade with any Muslim, do not go into his shop, do not buy his produce and don’t sell them anything. It’s true unless most of the non Muslim community does this it will not make a jot of difference to anything and we will continue being murdered and disrespected by them but at least I will know I am showing my disgust.

But why tar all Muslims with the same brush I hear the cry, it’s only a small minority that are to blame. These people are doing it the name of the Muslim faith, they are being hidden and protected by other Muslims. Until I can see that they are getting their house in order and turning over these dissidents then we cannot tell who they are and should be treated the same.

I am sorry if my words or actions harm good honest Muslims but I no longer wish to stay silent and feel I must do something even if it is small and I hope many will follow me.

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