Need a screw

Two  things I have noticed when driving our RV. 1. It has some pretty big blind spots close to the sides and 2. Its quite hard to judge just how close you are to the side of the road or the centre. I think I have got it sussed for the left side but the right I rely on my co-pilot Ann to tell me. This is OK but she doesn’t drive (well except me up the wall) and she only tells me once I am over it. Not something useful like you are 6.6343773 mm from the white line.

This, in all reality, does not matter too much, most of the time, here in the UK where I am driving on the wrong side of the road (thats my opinion before you lot start). But once in lands of a foreign nature its no longer going to be a white line I slip over a bit but a kerb or a bloody great concrete block or a 600 foot drop.

IMG_1347The solution to both these issues are a couple of kerb (or look down) mirrors. Luckily for me RV Spares is just a short walk down the road. Having purchased 2 of them (one for each side, obviously) I went to fit them to discover I didn’t have any suitable screws. No problem as B&Q is also just down the road (in the opposite direction).

I needed 4 screws but of course you can’t buy 4 screws. You have to buy a whole pack of them. This is completely bad marketing from them as if they sold screws individually they would make more money out of a load of screws than selling them as a pack as the individual price per screw could easily be double its worth of the pack.

Nigel, a fellow camper, told me that he had heard that the CEO of B&Q had said that over the last few years the british public have fallen out of love with DIY. I would imagine a good reason behind that is because we can’t just go and buy one fecking screw, we have to buy a bloody big pack of em.

Now I am left with either having to lug around a load of screws I don’t need or chuck the lot in the bin and effectively had to pay four fecking quid for 4 screws. Thats a quid a screw!

So if anyone needs a screw come see me and I’ll give you one, for free.

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