No Tuggers Allowed

IMG_1254This week is not only a bank holiday but its half term for the schools and I have my 14 year old son Jacob for the week. I decided we wouldn’t go too far afield from where he lives with his mum but yet somewhere none of us has been before.

Having picked him up Friday afternoon we headed off to Folkestone Camping and Caravanning Club Site. The sat-nav did its usual fine job of getting us to and through Folkstone. It then instructed me to turn down a very narrow road going steeply upwards with a big “PRIVATE PROPERTY” sign at the entrance and also at the bottom of the sign it states “No Caravans Past the Point”.

IMG_1395Now I am seriously confused as I am sure this is the right road but yet it clearly not right. Whilst sitting there blocking the whole road, dithering and wondering what I am supposed to do now a 4×4 pulls up behind us clearly wanting to go down this road. Well I am no way going to continue with that No Caravan sign as there is no guarantee I will be able to turn round at the other end. So I am going to have to reverse up back onto the main road. But before that, I get Ann to jump out and go ask the people in the 4X4 behind if this is indeed the road to the campsite, as I am really sure I am right.

Turns out yes it is. They said follow it down and its on the right. To say it was steep and narrow is an understatement and it also has some exciting blind corners on it and my doubts begin to creep in again and wondering if the people behind us are roaring with laughter. Oh bugger now theres a car coming towards us. Fortunately they back up to a place we can pass and we carry on until we hit a fork in the road and NO flipping sign as to which way to go. So what do I do? I opt to go for the centre of the fork. Duh.

Turns out to be a good move as the 4×4 can then pass to our right stop and tell us to carry on down the right fork and its just round the corner. I back up a little so I can make the turn and carry on down pass a caravan that looks like its been there quite some time with 2 young foxes hanging around it. They looked very nervously at us but didn’t run away and was a rare and nice sight to see such lovely animals that close up.

Having squeezed passed our 4×4 friends who had parked on the side of the narrow lane we safely arrived at the Folkestone Camping and Caravanning Motorhoming Club Site where we received the usual warm welcome for a club site and shown to our pitch.

IMG_1256The site is beautiful situated on a kind of giant ledge three quarters of the way down the cliffs and in the middle of an area designated of special scientific interest. Behind us we have the cliffs towering over us and in front and below is the English Channel. Talking to one of the campers here who used to come here in the seventies as a child with his parents said the site hasn’t changed one bit, except for a small area at the far end of the site lost to a land slide and the facilities have been updated.

The dog walking here is amazing. You can easily get down to the beech and sea wall and you have miles of well marked out footpaths and nature trails to explore and all sill below the top of the cliffs. Folkstone town centre is only a half hour walk along the coast and a taxi back will cost you £7.50. The only negative I can find with the site is the very large lack of Mobile phone signal. I can get a very weak signal from O2 but for the rest there is nothing.


James with all the gear ready to fit.

Last week whilst we were in Cheltenham my step son James came over and fitted a hose pipe to the overflow on the water tank and out to the side of the van and put a tap on the end of it in the hope that we can stop loosing half a tank of water when we travel. Well it worked we arrived with a full tank, brilliant. We also quickly worked out that the overflow is not an overflow, well it is but as well, its is a breather for the pump so the decision to put a tap that can be opened was a brilliant one.

All fitted and looking good

All fitted and looking good

In case your wondering why the hell I like to travel with all that weight of water on board. Its simply because I like to be prepared to wild camp at any time just in case we either have a problem and are unable to continue without repairs or we simply find somewhere we just cannot not stop.  I have always been one to be prepared something I learned as a Cub Scout I think.

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