Our first rally with great vibes

When I first got our Motorhome I started to get involved with a couple of the forums dedicated to motorhomes one of which is Motorhome Facts. There was a thread that had just started with someone trying to organise a rally dedicated to a legend known as Uncle Norm in East Yorkshire combined with a music meet up.

View of the site from the Bridge over the Tees

View of the site from the Bridge over the Tees

After what was considerable effort and organising this bank holiday weekend was the result and on Friday we drove from North Wales to the Croft Working Mens Club just outside Darlington in Yorkshire and on arrival we were given a very warm welcome by the rally marshals.

Everyone was very friendly and welcoming and a little ice breaker of a quiz to be played over the next few days certainly helped in getting people out of the vans and wandering around introducing themselves.  The site itself was set behind the Club on their field which is right next to the river Tees where temporary EHU was set up for us all.  Apparently the toilets on the site were grim so I didn’t even go look for myself.

A beautiful evening for some Jamming

A beautiful evening for some Jamming

For the first evening we all sat round in a large circle and shared a large cow pie that was made for us all by one of the group and three of the guys brought out guitars and treated us to an evening of jamming with a whole load of very well know and popular songs we could all sing along too.  Whilst it was not a particularly warm evening it was a beautiful clear and sunny evening and warm blankets and coats solved the cold temperature.

Saturday we had a motorhome boot sale (like a car boot sale but with motorhomes) which turned out to be very useful for yours truly although it did end up costing me nearly three hundred quid.  I brought some Ratchet Tie Down Straps, an Awning Room and arranged for Jeremy (the owner) to make me up some skirts to stop the girls from crawling under the van.  Since he was based a few miles away in Leeds we arranged to pick them up from him, very conveniently, on our journey back down south on Wednesday.

Evernote Camera Roll 20140505 073648Sunday evening was spent socialising, drawing the raffle and a musical feast put together for us from a band that was formed over the weekend especially for us all.

The bank holiday Monday saw some of our number leave and head for home or whatever their next destination is. The ones of us left had a bit of a social gathering in the evening with a few drinks a nibbles.

During the weekend I did ask around to find out if all rallies were like this or was this an exceptionally good one. It seems no two rallies are the same, each one offering its own mixture of what people want. Some are very social and active like this one whilst others are where everyone stays in their vans and don’t talk to one another. Not quite sure the point of the latter one other than a very cheap few days????

Personally I felt the rally was made as good as it was because of the organisers and marshals that ran everything.  They went to great effort to ensure there were things we could do as a group and made sure everyone new about them but no one felt they had to take part if they didn’t want to.

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