Poker – £0 to £1000 in 12 months

Just like many I found myself reflecting over last year on many things in my life but on this particular occasion it was on my poker. Not so much on my ability or on if I had improved my game over the previous 12 months but on the fact I had probably spent a lot of my hard earned cash playing online and have a bankroll of ZERO.

So the decision had to be made to stop loosing, simple, no more loosing and definitely no more loading my accounts with cash…… So that’s it then stop playing online at all, can’t loose if I don’t play! Only trouble is I actually enjoy the stupid game.

Most poker players have heard of these famous players who have said they have made a billion dollars in 2 days from zero by playing free rolls and cleaver bank roll management. Well I have decided that for 2011 I am going to take on the challenge, well, a slightly less aggressive challenge.


1. Make £1000 from £0 in 12 months by playing only tournaments (trust me ring games are a bad idea for me, I am seriously rubbish)
2. Have fun doing it. (felt an overwhelming need to add that one)

I am not going to include my weekly social games at me local in this as I want this to be a true test of if a average player like myself can actually make a bit of cash playing poker online. After all that’s what the pros are telling us.


Since setting myself this challenge a week or so ago I have played several free rolls on sky poker and PKR. They seem to offer the best choices in free rolls with sky poker being the better of the 2.

The good news is I am off the starting blocks with a good win of £7.77 for second place on a sky free roll. And have edged that up to just under £10 by playing a few 30p sit n go’s taking first place on all but 1 of them.

Bank roll management is very important here to ensure I don’t go broke and back to the start and I know it will be a while before I can move up to the £1 games but that’s ok as I am having fun. Going to also keep playing the free rolls as they could give me a little extra boost if I can get to the top few positions.

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