Really – What the hell now?

We are just 5 minutes down the road from our last stop and one of those pretty little yellow lights appear on the dashboard, you know the type, the ones that warn you something very expensive is about to happen. This was the one that looks like a engine so thought I had better pull over and find out what it means. Out comes the manual and flicking to the relevant page tells me it is a “emissions warning” light and tells me I should visit a dealer immediately to have it checked.

A quick google tells me there is one in Penrith about 20 miles away and so after stopping off briefly to pick up a few basic supplies off we drive. We turn up at the dealership totally unannounced and to my amazement they can look at it straight away for me, oh and there is a standard fee of £90 to hook it up to their diagnostic computer. I am so excited that they can do it so quickly I just say yes please.

So the dogs are not upset I stay with the van whist Ann and Jacob are taken round to the coffee machine. This was not such a great idea as I sat there whilst the mechanic spent, what seemed like hours with his laptop connected to my electrics and the longer he spent the more the feeling of deep foreboding and expense weighed me down.

Eventually he wandered off and returned with the nice lady from reception to break the news to me. Its was some kind of valve to do with the emissions system or what ever and they have it in stock and can do it straight away however it will take a few hours. Oh and its £558. No problem I say and dig out my Super duper silver warranty and give it to the nice lady.

Then she says they will run me, the wife, son and 2 dogs into town and pick us up at about 3pm when they have it all done. So I get the dogs out the van and they take me and the dogs in a small van and Ann and Jacob travel in a car into Penrith.

Penrith is an old market town that once use to  hold a corm market and the site is still there and now holds a market on a Tuesday but not for corn I am guessing. There is also the ruins of an old castle and the usual array of shops, tea shops and coffee houses.

Whist we are sitting munching on some sausage and chips from a chippy right by the old market square I get a phone call from the garage to say they have spoken to the warranty company and because that particular part is not listed in the warranty book its not covered. No surprise there. I don’t think I have ever had anything go wrong on a vehicle that IS listed. OK I say do it anyway I’ll pay.

After wandering around and drinking coffee and Ann getting her hair done and wandering around some more and buying a few things 3pm finally comes and it starts to rain. Oh joy of joys. We give the garage a call to get them to come pick us up so we can sit in the dry and drink some more of their coffee and they tell us that they were just doing the paperwork and were about to ring us.

Five minutes later were on our way back to the garage where I get to severely damage my credit card balance and find out they not only were running us around but cleaning the van for us as well. I have to admit that whilst the £558 hurt I was very pleased with the service we received at David Hayton Ltd, after all we turned up unannounced with what turned out to be a largish issue and were back on the road in about 5 hours s well as looking after our needs very well.

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