Ring in the new year and disaster strikes.

I decided I did not want to see the new year in at the house and our old life but wanted to see it in as part of our new life that was due to start properly just a mere 6 days into the new year.

Having already experienced a camping & caravanning club site I thought we should try a caravan club site this time, since I had paid membership for both of them, might as well make use of both of them.

Having looked on their website I decided to book us in to the Littlehampton site for a few days spanning the new year.

It’s a nice site well kept and clean and the wardens were lovely and friendly with lots of advice. Having told them about starting full timing in the new year it was warned to keep that to ourselves as apparently it is against their rules and the club is for holidays only.

We had our usual quiet seeing in the new year together and were quite content with this sitting comfortably in our new home.

SashaNot long after sunrise of the new year Sasha the youngest of our two huskies stands by the door making those lovely noises dogs make when they are about to be sick. Quick as a flash I sling the door open, without putting her lead on, breaking another rule, and she jumps straight out. Immediately she stops her retching sounds, looks up at me and then legs it.

By the time I have got something on my feet and a coat, it’s poring with rain, she has disappeared completely. The next few hours are spent searching the site and a large area of fields and streets in the area but not a sign of her anywhere.

Eventually, just before lunch, my phone rings and the lady on the phone says they have found Sasha. Having worked out where they are I set off to go get her. She was quite a distance away and had crossed over a very swollen and fast moving river, how she didn’t end up in that I’ll never know as she tends not to be that bright and over curious.

After calling the lady back for further instructions I eventually find them with her husband hanging on to a very wet and very muddy dog. This is when I get the whole story. Apparently on their way to wherever it was they had gone Sasha had run out in the road in front of them and was hit by their car being unable to stop because of the wet roads. They never got a chance to see if she was alright as she got up and just ran off. It’s on their return back they spotted her again and coaxed her over to them.

Having thanked and rewarded them I walked her back to the site trying to work out if she had any injuries. I couldn’t quiet work out if she was limping on and off or not. Back in the van she was dried off and we had a good look at her and could only see what looked like a small cut above her eye which could of been sustained in any number of ways not necessary from being hit by a car.

Having fed her she then slept all afternoon and through the night. Next morning she was completely back to normal with no signs of her previous days adventures. I on the other hand ached like hell. Flipping dog.

Oh well adventure over back to the old house for the last few days.

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