Rioters and looters – what can be done.

There are already lots of opinion and thoughts on the terrible events of the last few nights and decided I would add my take on the whole thing.

Having seen and heard several interviews with some of these people its clear there is not one overall reason why they are rioting and looting. Some are even completely confused and even ignorant of the society they live in. Two teenage girls I heard an interview with were under the impression that shop earners were rich people and they wanted to show them they could do what they wanted. The fact that these 2 girls probably have more disposable income than the shop owners many of whom are struggling and in debt due to the hard economic times. (For the 2 girls… This means you got more to spend on stuff then the shop owners cause they borrowed loads to have a shop so they aint rich like you think).

Take there benefits away
There is a large following of people saying that anyone convicted of these crimes should have their benefits taken from them so that us honest tax payers don’t have to pay/support them any longer.

I do agree with this however its just not as simple as that. If you take away their benefit they have two choices, 1) get a job, problem with that is they will find it impossible to find anyone wanting to employ them. 2) carry on stealing to be able to live, this means they will almost certainly spend the rest of their life in prison and we still end up paying for them.

May be we should put them all on a boat and send them off to Australia….. Oh no wait, we did that before, but then again they seem to have turned out alright!

Call in the Army
This would be a seriously bad idea simply because as soon as you involve the army marshall law is automatically invoked in that area and this means they can and will shoot to kill. This will cause massive outrage not only here in our own communities but world wide. This is something we will never recover from as a nation. So lets not get the military involved.

The solution?
We know arrests have been made and there are more to come. Lets have the courts make examples of all these people with very very harsh prison sentences. Yes I know the prisons are overcrowded and this is where I think the army can be used domestically in setting up and running prison camps for specific categories of convictions and so ease the pressure on the prison system.

Whist I agree with much of what our government is doing with cuts to services and budgets I think they are completely and utterly wrong in cutting anything related to law and order, in fact they should be looking at increasing funding a small amount. David Cameron is right in saying we have a broken society and we do need to fix it but that can only be done by investing in law and order and education.

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