Saturday’s Rail Crash

Having sat and read all about the tragic rail crash in Berkshire on Saturday a few things occur to me.

Some people are calling for improved technology at crossings to warn train drivers of blockages, this, in itself is a good idea but they seem to be missing that it was pointed out a number of car drivers using these crossings take the risk and drive round the barriers. This would mean trains would be having to emergency break at crossing on, what I would guess would be, a very regular basis.

There are also calls just to educate people to the dangers. This is a lovely thought and would have an effect, although somewhat small. When, and I am sad to say, a large number of car drivers are late for work or the kids or a meeting they will not tolerate any further delays and all risks are calculated and worth taking, after all it only happens to people in the news not me.

So why not take a combination of the 2 lines of thought above and add in an incentive. Certainly install the technology, it can only be a good thing in trying to protect lives. Do educate people some will actually listen and take note.

But what about those who just won’t listen. Give them an incentive add CCTV or cameras similar to the ones used at traffic lights and make it an automatic £1,000.00 fine for using a crossing once the barriers have begun to descend. That should focus their minds.

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