Security on the net ?????

I have been told time and time again that I should have a firewall and anti-virus software on my PC (I stopped using this stuff a couple of years ago as it was slowing up my machine so much it wasn’t worth it).

2 days ago the company I work for was hit by a virus, OK it was the stupid fault of one of the girls seeing an email from someone she knows with random characters in it then opening up a .exe DUH!!! Anyway I had been aware of a virus floating around as I have had a few (which I didn’t open of course) and there was some discussion in the IT dept of where it was coming from.

Anyway yesterday I relented and installed the latest version of Norton Anti-virus (well in fact it was the complete works). OH MY GOD I am surprised that my keyboard didn’t ooze puss every time I hit a key, it seems I may well have been the culprit who is spreading the virus around the company (not that I am about to tell anyone).

I also installed Norton Internet Security which proved to be a little bit of an eye opener as it appears that the nice little post it note program I use likes to use the internet (soon put a stop to that, cheeky bugger) but as yet no attacks from outside to my system.

Has it slowed me down again? To sodding right it has but what choice do I have? A nice fast system, attacked and badly infected, or a safe secure PC but takes me three times as long to get into my apps and surf the net is noticeably slower.

I would love to meet one of these virus makers, I would beat the crap out of them.

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