The £500 wind

2am and we’re both up and fighting the wind for our wind out awning and room. Then of course sleep was just a non starter for at least another hour or so not helped by the thought I will still have to be up at sunrise as Sasha one of our Huskies will INSIST she HAS to have her walk. Ellie, the other husky, just doesn’t care. Bet you can’t guess which ones my favourite today.

So there I am just laying there wide awake, following our victory against the weather, building a excellent case as to why I should purchase a drive away awning. I lasted, it must have been, a full 15 minutes before I am out of bed and switching the laptop on to do some research.

Yep I was right a drive away awning is exactly what we need. In fact a really good one. One that I can use in extreme weather conditions half way up K2 in winter. Ok so I’m never going to be pitching up there or then but at least I know I can if I want.

I decided on the Vangard Kela and had a ring round a couple of places later in the morning to see who had one and can get it shipped to Spain before Christmas. It’s gonna be tight but we should have just in time. Fingers crossed.

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