The forgotten County

11056430_10153126442193107_1191880478913260596_oThis past 3 weeks as found us in Shropshire. The weather has not been very good but was kind last weekend where we managed to get some very enjoyable sightseeing done and some great new material for my new book thanks to my friend Martin and his Jeep.

I am sure I am like many other people in that I know Shropshire is a county but not only have I never, knowingly, been through it. In fact not even sure exactly where it is. Now this is a real shame because like me they are missing out on such a historically rich county with fantastic countryside.

Nestled between Wales to the West and Birmingham to the East and the Peak District to the North East it seems to have been forgotten and yet its where things really started to happen in the 1700’s for the Industrial Revolution in part thanks to the major change in making iron by Abraham Darby in 1709.

We pitched at Severn Gorge Park is a lovely small site on the edge of a Parks Homes estate with 15 fully serviced pitches of varying sizes to accommodate motorhomes, caravans and even the big American RV’s. Its strictly adults only and dog friendly.

There is plenty to do in the area with museums, attractions, shopping, walking and all just a few miles away with excellent transport links.

You can see the photos here

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